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An entire publishing subgenre exists to feed the appetite for more Holmes, more Trek, more this, more that. My husband has five inch long shelves dedicated to the accumulation of Sherlock Holmes material, and four inch shelves double-stacked devoted to Star Tre k; and that's without tapping the vast underworld of the mimeograph machine and the internet. The walls between literary worlds grow thin in our imaginations, cross-pollination occurs, and Lord knows what will happen then. Writers re-make popular characters to suit their tastes, turning Holmes into weird science fiction as in Exit Sherlock Holmes , by Robert Lee Hall, , in which Holmes and Moriarty are time-traveling clones ; or they run off on tangents, chronicling the adventures of Inspector Lestrade or Mrs.
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Making Light: Literary Diggers

There was always an inkling of fear involved. Always a tensing of nervous muscles before she even opened the door. As soon as her hand was on the doorknob, chills ran down her spine, and scars began to itch and bruises began to throb. She wondered, panic-stricken, what would be in store for her tonight. Ella opened the door, and squinted when it creaked loudly.
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Consent, Children’s Lit, and Ella Enchanted

When I was little, my favorite book was Ella Enchanted. I read and reread that book until its pages were torn and falling out, and I regularly took the audiobook out from Greenwich Public Library to listen to the cassette tapes on my canary yellow Walkman 90schild. Ella Enchanted resonated with little Ella because its characters were smart, relatable, and well intentioned in a world that kind of sucked. I was growing up in a heavily class-conscious suburb, the commercial district of the aforementioned Greenwich, Connecticut, so its themes of class stratification helped me make sense of the world around me. My childhood love for Ella Enchanted wound up being formative in ways I would not realize for over a decade.
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