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Reborn in Defiance : Biohazard - Album's lyrics

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Biohazard Bitches review by Sir Rodney

Subscribing Pass lost? Biohazard : Reborn in Defiance. Edit the lyrics Report an error. VENGEANCE IS MINE You think you know me fuck you And the lies you hide behind and judge The empty promises of justice Who holds a grudge I fight for mine, for what I believe In a world of pain, you can never conceive Cuz you and I both know the truth That you, can't handle the truth All your life and all your days, You are never gonna change your ways I'm never gonna rest until you pay, Vengeance is mine It's my vendetta my war My age explodes on you full force Times up, there's no regret and no remorse My life, my way, my family The taste of blood is what I crave What's right, what's wrong, what you did to me I take my vengeance, to your grave All your life and all your days, You are never gonna change your ways I'm never gonna rest until you pay, Vengeance is mine Your actions bring forth my rage Vendetta - Going to the grave My justice - Will came in time Vengeance is mine 3. DECAY We syphon earths blood And drain it into her seas All in the name of progress Misguided opportunity This world we live in together Gets dirtier everyday Everything we make we throw out, Recycle or wastes away Decay, falling into decay Eachday, sacred world wastes away Not another day goes by We destroy our home Is this a sign of the times we're in Or is this the fall of Rome As we collapse, politicians lie Get fat, get richer as they watch us die Stand by, watch it from the sidelines, fuck no Don't do it, fight them from the inside Decay, falling into decay Eachday, sacred world waste away Collapsing system, Declining moral value Social brake down, Is there anything we can do?
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