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We chose to tell these specific stories, but they are representations of a greater issue that affects both boys and girls. Whether or not it was intentional, the statement had the effect of equating the two genders, erasing any nuance that might exist in a male victim versus a female victim. So the way girls and women are mistreated and how they react to this mistreatment is how all of us do. So girls take priority. Rape culture means that when you hear the allegations against Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Jeffrey Epstein, Larry Nassar, you are surprised at the scope of their actions, but not at the gender of their victims. When you see a Hollywood party overflowing with teen girls carted in to appease a room full of grey-haired execs, it is status quo.
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Boys and girls 'can't be friends without sexual innuendo', study finds - Telegraph

For many years, numerous countries did not permit young people to play mixed-sex football for cultural reasons. Young girls would only be allowed to play football with other girls, regardless of the age difference between them. In the field of education, many countries have now adopted mixed-sex schools, in which children are no longer categorised by their gender, but by age or academic level. Mixed-sex participation in sport, and football, by young people has followed suit. It is worth noting that certain countries allow mixed-sex participation in football up to the age of 12, while others do not impose any category restrictions at all on mixed-sex football, which explains why football is so well-developed in these countries. Allowing boys and girls to play together contributes to the emancipation of the two genders, improves tolerance and promotes mutual respect. By playing alongside boys, girls gain a more positive image of themselves, increase their self-confi dence and become more aware of their abilities.
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Boys and girls 'can't be friends without sexual innuendo', study finds

By Louisa Peacock , Deputy women's editor. Research by Professor Emma Renold at Cardiff University, in collaboration with the NSPCC, has highlighted the pressure to turn a close boy-girl friendship into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship from a young age, because of the stigma attached to girls and boys sharing the same interests. During a qualitative study involving interviews with children aged 10, 11 and 12, one boy admitted that he had to pretend his best friend Alice was a cousin for an entire school year, so that they could hang out free from "heterosexual teasing". One boy talked about how his primary school 'girlfriend' of five years helped him cope with the death of his father.
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I have a desire to be adored by men. As an adolescent, these expectations ran through my head constantly. Pathetic, right?

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